Mascara Tricks for Perfect Eyes on Your Big Day

One of the most important days in every girl’s life is her wedding day. This is an event that makes women the queen of the day and brings her in the center of attention. Just before her wedding day each girl plans it and gets ready for it. She picks a fantastic and unique wedding gown, decides a pretty hairstyle and of course tries several makeup tips to find the most beautiful style for her. She must be the prettiest on her wedding day and she does her best to look so. Actually this process is quite fascinating and enjoyable, since it is by the help of close friends, relatives and people that care for her. Choosing the right dress or hairstyle is a bit easy than choosing the right makeup that can work with your face features and highlight your tenderness. So, if you are going to get prepared for this special day we offer mascara tricks for perfect eyes for your big day. These are the best tips that won’t leave you with raccoon eyes even if you cry, of course, from happiness.

Waterproof mascaraWaterproof mascaraFor most cases women restrain their tears so that their makeup won’t get destroyed. But if it’s your wedding day you can escape from tearing. Actually you are supposed to cry both from sadness and happiness. These two feelings merge and force you cry the way that your makeup can be ruined entirely and make your face like a panda’s face. But this is only when you choose the wrong makeup. Applying waterproof mascara is the best thing you can do with your beautiful eyes and the one that allows your mascara remain the way it was applied on your eyelashes. It doesn’t run and you can trust it if you’re expecting an emotional time during your wedding. Though it’s a bit tough to remove but it is recommended to apply waterproof mascara not to get a ruined makeup. Continue reading Mascara Tricks for Perfect Eyes on Your Big Day

How to Do a Professional Looking Makeup

If you know how to do your make right it’s perfect, but those that discover new makeup things day by day may need to do their makeup by themselves without failing the desired look. Ladies looking for professional looking makeup can follow the rules we offer in this article and can achieve a nice look by themselves. Our advice will help you learn the best way of looking stunning without visiting salon.

So, these are the basic rules you should follow for a professional looking makeupMix everything well: Mixing is the main secret of getting a smooth and flawless makeup. When you skip this part you lose the opportunity of achieving a perfect effect. At the end you’ll see that your makeup looks unnatural and knobby. If you want your makeup have a flawless look you should blend everything well using sponges and brushes. Continue reading How to Do a Professional Looking Makeup

Trendy Makeup Ideas for 2016

Makeup is a good way of highlighting one’s beauty by adding more attractiveness. Though natural beauty is always more appreciated but there are cases when we can’t go without makeup. Using makeup doesn’t mean you are not pretty. Many women wear makeup just to look better and many wear to feel self-confidence. Besides makeup is a trick to express your own style. Here we represent trendy makeup ides for 2016 that you can try out.

Ombre lipsOmbre lipsPerhaps you have heard about fashionable ombre nails, ombre hair, ombre jeans and ombre shorts. Now you heard about ombre lips too. Sounds interesting. What shall this be? Though it’s not that similar to the above mentioned styles but the same technique is used to create a subtle effect and to bring dimension to your lips.

Continue reading Trendy Makeup Ideas for 2016

Lancome brows and eyes line summer makeup collection 2016

When it comes to makeup eyes and lips are the main parts to create smoldering looks. Lancome brows and eyes line summer makeup collection includes eyeliner, mascara, brow gel that will emphasize your look and add more definition and depth to your eyes and brows. Define your eyes with these new products and have more mysterious and gorgeous image. Check out all the available products from this collection and create your summer dramatic makeup.Lancome brows and eyes line summer makeup collection 2016

Lancome Gel-Crème Sourcils Waterproof Continue reading Lancome brows and eyes line summer makeup collection 2016

Best Celebrity Markup for Brown Eyes

Mysterious and very shiny brown eyes are beautiful themselves but imagine how captivating and alluring they can look with the right makeup on. Looking at the tricks makeup artists use to make celebrities look flawless and so refined inspires us so much. That’s why we have collected the best celebrity makeup for brown eyes and if you have pretty brown eyes then you’ll surely find your style here.celebrity makeup 2016

Vanessa Hudgens Brown Eye Makeup

Smoky eye makeup of Vanessa Hudgens is one of the best solutions for brown eyes. Her dark brown eyes look fantastic with smoky eye shadow and gold flecks on her eyelids. Her makeup artist has used grey and gold eye smoky eye shadow along with gold flecks which tend to catch rays from here and there. Her eyes look more captivating due to those long eyelashes and black eyeliner. She just sparkles with this makeup. Continue reading Best Celebrity Markup for Brown Eyes

Markup Ideas for Ladies with Glasses

Though we are not going to invent new makeup ideas for you but the tricks that can make your eyes look more seductive under the glasses are very useful. Check them.eye makeup with glasses

Cheekbones and Brows

When you wear glasses you should pay special attention to your brows. You are expected to create that angled arch which is more suitable then the rounded style. Continue reading Markup Ideas for Ladies with Glasses

Makeup Ideas for the Office

Makeup always helps us look more attractive and tender. But using the same makeup trick each time is not that that pleasant. Sometimes we look for makeup ideas for different cases; for wedding parties, evening parties, formal events and official meetings. But what about office looks? While makeup in not always demanded but usually we war it to keep our appearance flawless all day long. When it is needed to have some contacts with customers we know that our look and makeup can speak a lot about makeup 2016The way we appear in front of our customers makes an image of the place we work. As you wear that makeup just in the morning and have to carry it at the end of the day you are supposed to choose the best makeup idea for the office. Here we represent some makeup tips for you to know which makeup wear at the office. Continue reading Makeup Ideas for the Office

Eye Shadow Colors for Every Markup Collection

One very important thing in makeup collection is eye shadow and each woman has at least two or three shades on her purse. Taking into consideration that there are some eye shadows that every woman should have we offer most essential colors for you. Though we sometimes choose colors that go with our eye color and are recommended by our beautician but there are eye shadow colors for every makeup collection and below we’ll represent these hues.

Shimmery champagneShimmery champagneThis is a color suitable for every skin tone, eye color and eye shape. There are two ways of suing this color: you can use it on it’s own or you can apply it to highlight your eyes as a lid color. Shimmery champagne is perfect as a quick makeup when you need to add some color and it can be used as a base for matte colors too. Continue reading Eye Shadow Colors for Every Markup Collection

Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

If you have green eyes and want to highlight them with a cool makeup then smokey eye makeup is a great option for you. Here you’ll learn the best smokey eye makeup for green eyes and if you are planning to wear a smashing makeup for a special event you can choose just this one. Smokey eye tends to create more attractive and eye-catching effect compared with other eye makeup tricks.Smokey Eye for Green Eyes2016It uses dark eye shadows and mixing techniques to get the perfect smokey effect. The most popular and the easiest way of creating it you are supposed to use different shades of light, medium and dark hues. The complete look is provided by the black eyeliner and volumizing mascara. Now, check out the way of reaching this makeup. Continue reading Smokey Eye Makeup for Green Eyes

Bold Statement Markup Ideas

Women usually use makeup to enhance their beauty and to make their face features look subtler. Sometimes each of us needs to hide and cover imperfections and flaws that appear on our face time to time. However each woman chooses a particular makeup and style for her flawless look. Often makeup artists recommend women step out of their comfort zone and go bold statement makeups having fun and enjoying the uniqueness they bring into our appearance. So, here we offer you bold statement makeup ideas.bold statement makeupBold Eyes and Soft Lips

If you think that bold stamen looks are harder to achieve the here is a simple makeup for you. Opt for it whenever you need to get a bold statement makeup by yourself. It’s not too bold and even looks subtle. In this case the only main thing you should think is choosing shades that you are not used to apply on your eyes and lips in general. You may take green blue or purple eye shadow and combine one of them with soft nude colored lipstick. If you like you can use more neutral colors according to your skin tone. Continue reading Bold Statement Markup Ideas